Newcomer’s Lunch

Here are Living Hope Church, we aren’t just a group that meets once a week. We are a community and family on a mission for Jesus. We want to have the door wide open for Non-Christians to meet Jesus, and for Christians to find a place to serve. If you are new to Living Hope Church, a great first step is coming to a “Newcomer’s Lunch.”

What is Newcomer’s Lunch?

This is an opportunity to sit down in a casual atmosphere (childcare provided) with the leader’s of Living Hope Church (Mike Sandusky, David Schultz, and some others) to eat lunch, ask questions, and get some info about who we are as a church. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for getting involved. The whole thing takes about an hour is a great first step for anyone new to Living Hope Church.

Why go to Newcomer’s Lunch?

Are you new to Living Hope? Are you looking for some friends and people to connect with? Are you looking for a place to serve or get involved? If you said yes to any of these, than you want to check out our Newcomer’s Lunch! This is THE first step for anyone who is new to Living Hope Church.

On Sunday, Mark Newcomer’s Lunch on your communication card and we will reach out to you!