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Parker Marks
February 19, 2017 –

Encountering God – Winning by Prayer

Most of us believe prayer is a good thing, but do we believe it can change everything? We need to stop believing in the circumstances and start believing in our God who can move mountains. God has the power to change your situation if you are willing to cry out. He is more eager to […]

June 19, 2016 –

Feeding the 5,000

May 29, 2016 –

Mark: Faith and Healing

July 5, 2015 –

Shaped By Truth

When it comes to your faith, are you shaped more by scripture or by your experiences? If we are honest about it, often times our faith is diluted because we trust in our experiences more than we trust in the bold promises of scripture. In this sermon, we see how we can grow in faith, […]

September 25, 2011 –

Where is Humility?

Where is Humility?

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