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Evan Ross
July 17, 2016 –

Humility Before a Holy God

In what may be one of the more challenging verses in Mark. Jesus has an exchange with a Syrophoenician woman that appears on face value as harsh. But in this story we see a person who really understands their position in the presence of a pure and holy messiah. What is greater is that this […]

May 29, 2016 –

Pursuing Holiness

Pursuing Holiness

Jesus didn’t just save us from something, he saved us to something. We are not only delivered from the penalty of sin through Christ’s death and resurrection, we are also being delivered from the power of sin through the inner ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. For that reason, holiness should be the pursuit of […]

May 22, 2016 –

Mark: Good Beyond Measure

May 8, 2016 –

Mark: Jesus’ Great Miracle

January 10, 2016 –

Abide in Me

Jesus tells us that he is “the true vine” and the source of our life. We are called to be branches from that vine, branches that are pruned and bear fruit. Instead of planning resolutions for this New Year, let us live our lives in Christ and allow Christ to live in us.

January 3, 2016 –

All Aboard

Each new year, millions of people resolve to make personal changes in their lives. This is a great place to start, but we miss out on much of what God is doing unless we resolve to get on board with what he is doing in his church. The overflow of our enjoyment of Jesus leads […]

December 13, 2015 –

Blessed to Bless

The story of Joseph is so beloved because his story illustrates so clearly many of the main themes of the Bible. Today, we look at two themes present in Joseph and present in Scripture. 1. That God desires his people to be a blessing to their neighbors. 2. That God is a God that sends. […]

October 11, 2015 –

If Jesus Died for Our Sins, Why is There Still Sin?

So Jesus died for all sins, yet we continue to struggle. We witness the failings of Christians everyday. Is this what Jesus’ goal was? In the beginning to the Ask Anything Series, we asked the church to ask the questions and we have gone to Scripture to try to find the answers. In this case, […]

September 20, 2015 –

Elijah: Symptoms of Faithlessness

Elijah: Symptoms of Faithlessness

How is it that Elijah, who was such a man of faith, is now running from his problems and holed up in a cave? We all get depressed sometimes, but what effect does that depression have on us? Do we see clearly? Do we understand God clearly? Listen to this message about the symptoms of […]

August 2, 2015 –

Elijah: A Duel Between Gods

Elijah: A Duel Between Gods

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