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Evan Ross
January 8, 2017 –

Bitter Tasting Idols

December 11, 2016 –

Questions About Heaven PT. 2

December 4, 2016 –

A Witness to the Light

A Witness to the Light

God sent John the Baptist as a witness for Jesus so that the Jews might know that he is the Son of God. John’s testimony prepares the way for Jesus’ ministry.

November 13, 2016 –

Heaven Q&A Part II

Pastor Evan Ross answers the following questions on Heaven: 1. What happens to those who never hear the gospel preached? 2. Will we learn or will we know fully? 3. Does our Spirit ever die or just our body? Are we spirit and body? 4. How can we not sin in Heaven? What will change? […]

November 6, 2016 –

Heaven Q&A Part I

Pastor Evan Ross answers these questions about Heaven: 1. Do babies who die go to Heaven? 2. Adam and Eve were married in the garden, so why is there no marriage in Heaven? 3. Will there be time in Heaven? What age will we be or appear? 4. Why bother having kids and chancing will […]

October 16, 2016 –

Climate Change

Climate Change

There have been many heated debates over climate change in recent years. Climate change enthusiasts warn of impending global doom, while climate change deniers write off changing weather conditions as nothing more than the cyclical pattern of nature. In either case, the deeper issue behind the climate change debate is one of stewardship. We must […]

September 25, 2016 –

The Anointing of Jesus

August 7, 2016 –

Beware of Life’s Leaven

Jesus warns us of the snowballing effect that the teachings of the world can have in our lives. The desires of our hearts may not create big changes at once, but they will direct our lives over time good or bad. So how do we guard our hearts against this “leaven.” Real church community.

July 24, 2016 –

Defiled From Within

Jesus warns us that it is not from the outside that we are defiled, but it is from our hearts that defilement comes. It is in our heart that sin flows. Without taking our thought-life captive our desires will produce actions. Luckily, while we can’t do it on our own, Jesus sent us a helper.

July 21, 2016 –

Jesus is the Miracle

In the story of the feeding of the 4,000, we often miss an important question. Why were 4 thousand people out in the wilderness without food? What would cause a person to travel days without food. The answer is Jesus.

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