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Chris Silcott
August 25, 2019 –

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

What is the role of the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to receive the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

July 21, 2019 –

The Gospel Call, Regeneration, and Conversion

The Gospel Call, Regeneration, and Conversion

What is the gospel? What does it mean to be regenerated/born again and how does it happen? What happens once a person is born again? These questions will be answered in this week’s sermon.

February 3, 2019 –

Daniel – The Glory of God

Daniel - The Glory of God

After God delivers Daniel from the lion’s den, King Darius directs the people of his kingdom to honor “Daniel’s God” as the living God who delivers and saves. Throughout the bible, God tells us who he is and how can can know him. Truly, he is the God of Glory!

July 22, 2018 –

James – Living Our Faith

James -  Living Our Faith

In this passage, James encourages believers to be “doers of the word”. What are the obstacles that hinder us from living our faith and how can we overcome those hindrances?

March 25, 2018 –

The Sermon on the Mount – Love Your Enemies (Forgiveness)

1. Recognize we’ve been totally forgiven by the grace of Jesus when we’re saved. Once we understand the depth of our sin and the distance it placed between us and God, and once we get a glimpse of the sacrifice Jesus made to restore fellowship with us, we should not hesitate to forgive. If we […]

April 24, 2017 –

Christians & Authority

Christians & Authority

God is in charge. He has authority over all created things and he has placed people, made in his image, in places of authority to lead and care for humanity. He has given children parents and employees bosses and has called each to lovingly bless and serve one another in mutually beneficial ways. By obeying the […]

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