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Bryan Mowrey
June 12, 2016 –

Built Together

Christ has incredible plans for each individual person who follows him. We are made to be like Christ, and we are built together with others to become a community unlike any other. It is our truest call. What does it mean to be in Christ? What does it mean to be built together with others? […]

February 1, 2015 –

Hearing God

July 21, 2013 –

Mercy for Doubters

Mercy for Doubters

Jude 22 tells us simply, to have mercy for those who doubt, but what does that mean for us today? How do we live as people of compassion and a church with room in its ranks for doubters. Bryan Mowrey explains the timeliness and impactfulness of being a church that has mercy for those who […]

April 22, 2012 –

How The Church Works

How The Church Works

God has laid out a plan for a community that is unlike any other on Earth and can affect the world in huge ways.