True or False: God is Anti-Gay

September 28, 2014





Is God anti-gay? What does the culture really believe about Christianity and Homosexuality? In this sermon we looked at Romans 12:1-2 which tells us we are different from the world, that we should be molded by God and not to conform to the world. We look at the common perspective in both the culture and various church groups – and then we looked at how the gospel directs us in this issue. Ultimately, every Christian is called to find identity, hope, peace, joy and life in the gospel, while also sacrificing and laying down parts of who we are (desires, dreams, sins, old lives, etc). As we sacrifice, we find life in Christ, and our true sense of identity. This is the gospel we must live and take to the world, and when we do – we can engage the culture on the bigger issue of worldview.

Bible References

  • Romans 12:1 - 2