The Sermon on the Mount – Love Your Enemies (Forgiveness)

March 25, 2018


1. Recognize we’ve been totally forgiven by the grace of Jesus when we’re saved. Once we understand the depth of our sin and the distance it placed between us and God, and once we get a glimpse of the sacrifice Jesus made to restore fellowship with us, we should not hesitate to forgive. If we comprehend God’s forgiveness towards us and refuse to forgive others, then we’re like the wicked, ungrateful slave Jesus mentions in Matthew 18:21-35.
2. Release the offender from the debt we feel is owed to us. Until we forgive, we are tied to that person and event. Forgiveness doesn’t depend upon the person who hurt us; it is between us and God.
3. Accept people as they are and release them from any responsibility to meet our needs.
4. View those we’ve forgiven as tools in our lives. The Lord uses situations and people to help us grow in our understanding of His grace.
5. Make reconciliation. Strive to be at peace with everyone (Hebrews 12:14).

Bible References

  • Matthew 5:43 - 48
  • Matthew 5:23 - 24
  • Matthew 18:21 - 35
  • Psalm 102:10 - 12