John 19

August 23, 2020


We covered 4 big character traits of Jesus that should be evident in us. First, Jesus being the servant King. Jesus came to serve and we should look at ways we can serve others, not just when it is convenient to serve, but also when it is not convenient or it stretches us. Secondly, Jesus showed humility, do we practice humility in our life – do we look at others as more important than us. Thirdly, Jesus displayed his authority; Do we recognize the authority that Christ has given us over sin, sickness, depression, strongholds? And do we recognize the authority of Christ in our lives, are we submissive to him? Lastly, Jesus was faithful – he was faithful to all of us with his death on the cross. Do we trust that he will continue to be faithful to us and are we faithful to others? All of these characteristics are surrounded by his Love for us. He showed us unconditional Love.

Bible References

  • John 19:1 - 37