Baptism: What, When, How, Why

February 15, 2015




Baptism: What, When, How, Why from Trevor Nashleanas on Vimeo.


Baptism is the professing of one’s personal trust and faith in Jesus Christ. We are stating that by being submersed UNDER water that our old self (under Adam) has died with Christ when He was buried and by immersion FROM water we are raised with our new life in Christ when we place our faith in Him! Baptism is not the end goal of salvation, but is clearly shown throughout Scripture as the start of a new life in Christ. Just as Jesus was baptized right before he started His life of ministry, we also are starting our new life mission of making disciples and glorifying God through repentance of our sins, submission in and obedience to the Father.

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Bible References

  • Romans 6:3 - 11
  • Matthew 28:18 - 20
  • Titus 3:5
  • Colossians 2:12