2 Corinthians – The Ripple Effect of Sin

June 11, 2017





Sin has a ripple effect in the church and the church’s response to the repentant believer in their midst. Part of the challenge in interpreting these verses is that it appears that Paul is referencing a specific person, but does not give us any details. What Paul makes clear is that the sin of this individual is not contained to being between them and Paul, but that the sin was between them and the church. Remember one of the big things I’ve been hitting through the course of this book is letting us see the church as a collective of people rather than interpreting these verses in an individual sense. This theme of Church as a body of believers reappears as Paul is saying that sin is not contained between the individual offender and offended, but that the sin of an individual impacts the whole body and that the whole body has to respond in some way. Now how is this?