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Pure Gospel
June 14, 2015 –

The Hope of the Gospel

We are hardwired to hope. In fact, right now, you have hope in several various things. But, hope can be a risky thing… We put our expectations, future joy, and faith on the line when we hope. Sometimes, the things we hope in fail us, and yet, we are still hardwired for hope. Jesus actually […]

June 7, 2015 –

Receiving Christ

So you have heard to good news of the gospel, but how does one receive it? How is one saved? Is it a single prayer or decision or a lifetime of decisions? In this sermon we unpack why this free gift of God’s will cost you everything.

May 31, 2015 –

The Gospel

What is the gospel? It is good news, but good news of what? Is the gospel up for interpretation? Join us as we begin this series on the gospel and its implication in our lives. We begin with the big picture as drawn by God through the course of scripture. See how the history of […]