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October 24, 2021 –


October 17, 2021 –


Christians are called to a life of service, but we often find many reasons to disqualify ourselves. When God called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, Moses tried to disqualify himself, but God always provided answers to Moses and reassured him that he would provide all that Moses needed to be successful. Likewise, God […]

October 10, 2021 –


Most Christians desire to grow at effectively loving people and reaching them for the Gospel, however, we can often find this a difficult thing to grow in. In this sermon, we evaluate an incredibly simple strategy for loving others that Jesus himself frequently used – sharing meals with people.

October 3, 2021 –


The Bible calls Christians to be people who love others well. Through this love God can bless others and draw them to himself. A huge part of loving people in knowing them – and to know someone we have to learn to listen. In this message we talk about how Jesus knew people and used […]