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2 Corinthians
January 14, 2018 –

2 Corinthians – Rejoicing and Restoring

At the end of 2 Corinthians – Paul, after writing boldly to correct and challenge the Corinthians – encourages them to rejoice and live at peace with one another. How do we balance direct, bold, challenging authority with love, joy, peace and restoration? In this sermon, we look at the heart of rejoicing in light […]

January 7, 2018 –

2 Corinthians – New Year’s Conflict Resolution

One of the things that is most damaging to a church is the mishandling of conflict. All too often pride or ignorance leads members of a church to gossip or slander others in the church without mediating conflict through the proper channels proscribed to us in Scripture. This preach is meant to be a Biblical […]

December 31, 2017 –

2 Corinthians- Strength and Love

Love is an interesting concept. We all desire it, but there is some confusion as to what exactly love is. Is it an emotion? An action? Is it about happiness? How hard should it be? There are so many questions about the concept of love. In this sermon Mike presents a case for love from […]

December 17, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Apocalypse Now

Paul shares a fascinating story of ascending into heaven and receiving special knowledge he cannot reveal. While this sort of story may seem quite unique to most readers, it would have been compared with other ascension stories mentioned in the apocalyptic literature of that day. That isn’t to say that Paul’s story is not true […]

December 10, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Fool

“Paul enters into what is often labeled “The Fool Speech”. Paul serves to contrast his own ministry to that of his opponents by listing the harrowing events and experiences that Paul has endured for the sake of the gospel.”

December 3, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Freed or Deceived

Starting with Eve and still today we have all been deceived. What we need is the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s word working in our lives to break us out of our delusion.

November 26, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Sincere and Pure Devotion

Our world is full of “solutions” and ways to find “life.” It is overwhelming. From understanding controversial cultural issues, to complex political issues and all the way to the internal pressure (what is my life about?) life can be crushing. Christianity offers a better way – in this message we explore what it means to […]

November 19, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Eyes on God

In the letter of 2nd Corinthians, Paul is writing to a difficult church. His strength and direction come from having a sole focus on God. He tells the Corinthians to look at God. In fact – this is the very thing Jesus calls us to do – to watch and follow him. What does this […]

November 12, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Stronghold Smasher

Paul is dealing with opponents within the Corinthian church who are trying to discredit his ministry. Rather than say that the conflict lied purely with these individuals, Paul outlines a spiritual conflict which requires spiritual weapons. This message introduces the concept of the spiritual beings who’ve rebelled against God and are leading the nations in […]

November 5, 2017 –

2 Corinthians – Set Free from Money

Money can grip us in a powerful way, whether it is the promise of joy, security, possessions or hope, or the grip of debt and unmet expectations. The Bible actually tells us that money cannot satisfy us, and if we look to it, it will enslave us. How do we get free from the love […]

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