Mike “Doooskey” Sandusky

Lead Pastor/Elder

Mike is the Lead Pastor and ElderĀ of Living Hope Church. You can call him Mike or by his beloved nickname, “Doooskey.”

Mike isn’t about titles or position and thinks we all need to be careful of taking ourselves too seriously. The one thing we should be serious about is our commitment to Jesus. This is what Mike is passionate about – Seeing Jesus transform lives, relationships and communities through the power of the gospel.

He is also passionate about the local church. He believes the local church should be alive and vibrant in its community both in and outside of the walls of a building and in the homes of people in the church.

Storytelling is something that Mike is known for, although sometimes he tells the same stories far too many times. Mike also enjoys watching and playing sports, occasionally playing Halo with friends, spending time with people and hanging out with his wife McKenzie,k and their 2 daughters, Lila and Kitty.

Mike has an inner nerd. He enjoys science fiction, owns a large telescope, has a degree in biochemistry and would almost rather stargaze than watch the Superbowl… Almost.

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