Evan Ross

Associate Teaching Pastor

Evan would describe himself as, “A bit of a geek,” and you need these guys around. Evan is passionate about theology and when he isn’t geeking out reading books (containing words normal people can’t pronounce) he is teaching others about all of this stuff to help equip them and help them understand what the gospel is about (Hint: It’s Jesus).

Evan is part of the leadership team at Living Hope and he brings a lot to the table when it comes to passion, discernment and theology. He is also on the Preach Team. Evan is married to his wife, Vanessa, and they have two children, Abram and Satine. Evan loves being a husband and father.

Japanese culture is one of the things that interests Evan and he has attempted to learn the language every so often. He’s also into science fiction and a few other nerdy activities we won’t mention.

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