Living Hope – Northwest Student Organization

Living Hope

Living Hope – Northwest is Living Hope Church’s student organization at Northwest Missouri State University. This organization is an extension of the Living Hope Church – Maryville Location. You can think of Living Hope – Northwest as a hybrid between a student organization, a campus ministry and the local church. 

How is Living Hope – Northwest similar to, but different from a typical student organization?

Living Hope – Northwest is similar to a typical student organization in that its members are Northwest students. College students that attends Living Hope Church is considered a member of the Living Hope – Northwest student organization. Any events or on campus meetings done through the organization are coordinated by students who attend Living Hope.

Living Hope – Northwest is different from a typical student organization in that it does not hold regular on campus meetings. The organization may host special events on campus from time-to-time, but Sunday Gatherings and weekly small groups serve as “meetings” for students involved in this organization.

How is Living Hope – Northwest similar to, but different from a typical campus ministry?

Living Hope – Northwest is similar to a typical campus ministry in that the students involved seek to help one another grow in Christ and influence their peers toward Christ. The difference is that students involved with Living Hope – Northwest function as missionaries to the NWMSU campus representing Living Hope Church.

Instead of acting as a separate ministry from the local church, Living Hope – Northwest functions as a ministry of the local church. Students who are involved with Living Hope – Northwest enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the local church as well as all the access to the NWMSU that campus ministries have.

How is Living Hope – Northwest similar to, but different from other local churches?

Living Hope – Northwest is similar to other local churches in that it seeks to engage students in ministry and mission. Like any church, we want to see students believing in and following Jesus alongside like-minded peers as they work to make Christ known to their classmates together.

Living Hope – Northwest is different from other local churches in that we see the local church as essential to a healthy spiritual journey. Jesus commands his followers to become disciples who make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). The Bible is clear that Jesus expects discipleship to happen in the context of a healthy local church. (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 4:1-16)

A disciple is someone who is learning to trust in and follow Jesus through intentional relationship over time. The local church is a group of disciples who are committed to helping one another along that journey. The difference between a local church and a campus ministry is that the local church consists of a wide range of demographics, while campus ministries consist only of students in the same demographic.

How can students grow to maturity as Christ-followers if they never spend time with people who are life stages ahead of them on the journey? The truth is, they can’t. It’s not that campus ministries are bad, it’s just that they’re incomplete. We support and love the work of campus ministries and local churches in Maryville, but we’re different in that we believe the best campus ministry is the local church. 

What does Living Hope – Northwest do?

Living Hope – Northwest equips students to become disciples who make disciples. It provides a side door for students to find their way to Living Hope Church and for Living Hope students to effectively access the NWMSU campus for discipleship and mission.

On the one hand, Living Hope – Northwest helps Christian students who attend Living Hope live out the Great Commission on their campus. On the other hand, Living Hope – Northwest provides skeptical students with the opportunity to explore the Christian faith as they sort out their own beliefs.

How can students get involved with Living Hope – Northwest? 

Students can get involved in Living Hope – Northwest in four ways. They can:

  • Attend Sunday Gatherings at Living Hope.
  • Participate in a weekly small group.
  • Engage with other Living Hope students for the purpose of helping one another grow in Christ.
  • Befriend non-Christian students at NWMSU for the purpose of connecting them to Jesus through Living Hope Church.

The easiest way to get involved is to join us for a Sunday Gathering. We meet on Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Hangar Movie Theater (1602 S. Main St. across from Walmart). We’ll have plenty of ways for you to connect there.

We understand that joining a local church or student organization is a big deal, so don’t feel obligated to jump in head first. Take your time. Get to know us. Explore what we’re about for a while, then make your decision when you’re ready.

To speak with someone about Living Hope – Northwest in person please contact Justin Eiken at .