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Mike Sandusky
March 21, 2017 –

Discipleship – Boldness, Humility and Love

How do we actually talk to people about Jesus? Paul tells us to speak the truth in love, but what exactly does that look like? In this sermon our lead pastor Mike Sandusky takes a look at how we should approach talking to people outside of the church about Jesus and the gospel. It may […]

March 12, 2017 –

Discipleship – Loving Like Christ

Jesus calls us all to “Go and make disciples,” but how do we engage with people who aren’t Christians? In this message we talk about how Christians are called to love people in a unique way – by living out the same love that Christ has for us. As we love people unconditionally, we grow […]

March 5, 2017 –

Discipleship – Christians Who Make Disciples

February 12, 2017 –

Encountering God Through Faith

Faith is a key part of being human, and yet there are so many different definitions of faith it can be confusing to understand. Is all faith blind? Is all faith unreasonable? In this sermon, our lead pastor Mike Sandusky tackles these questions by looking at what God says about faith. It is not only […]

February 5, 2017 –

Encountering God – Being a Christian

January 29, 2017 –

Encountering God – The God Who Wants to be with Us

January 15, 2017 –

Encountering God – The God Wants To Be With Us

January 1, 2017 –

Humility, Anxiety and the grace of God

December 4, 2016 –

Heaven or Mission?

October 30, 2016 –

What Will We Do in Heaven?

Heaven is forever, so, what will we do there? In this sermon our lead pastor Mike Sandusky takes a plain and surprising look at what scripture says we will actually do in Heaven.

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