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St. Joseph
July 21, 2016 –

Jesus is the Miracle

In the story of the feeding of the 4,000, we often miss an important question. Why were 4 thousand people out in the wilderness without food? What would cause a person to travel days without food. The answer is Jesus.

July 17, 2016 –

Humility Before a Holy God

In what may be one of the more challenging verses in Mark. Jesus has an exchange with a Syrophoenician woman that appears on face value as harsh. But in this story we see a person who really understands their position in the presence of a pure and holy messiah. What is greater is that this […]

July 10, 2016 –

Deep in the Heart

July 3, 2016 –

Light of the World

What do you believe is true? The Bible is unapologetic about what it claims the truth is, and for us, what we ultimately believe is true have a massive impact on us each day. In this sermon, we look at what it means to really believe in truth.

June 19, 2016 –

Feeding the 5,000

June 12, 2016 –

Built Together

Christ has incredible plans for each individual person who follows him. We are made to be like Christ, and we are built together with others to become a community unlike any other. It is our truest call. What does it mean to be in Christ? What does it mean to be built together with others? […]

June 5, 2016 –

Mark: Parable of The Seed Sower

It sounds really simple, but Jesus tells us listening to him is life giving. In fact, you might even think you do listen to Christ. In this sermon, we walk through the parable of the seed sower and ask the question, “What does it mean to listen to Jesus?” In reality, understanding how to hear […]

May 29, 2016 –

Mark: Faith and Healing

May 22, 2016 –

Mark: Good Beyond Measure

May 15, 2016 –

Mark: Jesus Calls

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