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St. Joseph
March 5, 2017 –

Discipleship – Christians Who Make Disciples

February 26, 2017 –

Spiritual Conversations – Why Do We Evangelize

Why should we evangelize? Evangelism is often the most intimidating aspect of the Christian life, but those of us who’ve recieved the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ have also been called to continue the proclamation of the “Good New” in Jesus Christ.

February 19, 2017 –

Encountering God – Winning by Prayer

Most of us believe prayer is a good thing, but do we believe it can change everything? We need to stop believing in the circumstances and start believing in our God who can move mountains. God has the power to change your situation if you are willing to cry out. He is more eager to […]

February 12, 2017 –

Encountering God Through Faith

Faith is a key part of being human, and yet there are so many different definitions of faith it can be confusing to understand. Is all faith blind? Is all faith unreasonable? In this sermon, our lead pastor Mike Sandusky tackles these questions by looking at what God says about faith. It is not only […]

February 5, 2017 –

Encountering God – Being a Christian

January 29, 2017 –

Encountering God – The God Who Wants to be with Us

January 22, 2017 –

Encountering God – It’s Time To Begin Discipleship

January 15, 2017 –

Encountering God – The God Wants To Be With Us

January 8, 2017 –

Bitter Tasting Idols

January 1, 2017 –

Humility, Anxiety and the grace of God

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