Mike “Doooskey” Sandusky

Lead Pastor/Elder

Mike "Doooskey" Sandusky

Mike is the Lead Pastor and ElderĀ of Living Hope Church. You can call him Mike or by his beloved nickname, “Doooskey.” Mike isn’t about titles or position and thinks we all need to be careful of taking ourselves too seriously. The one thing we should be serious about is our commitment to Jesus. This is […]

David Schultz

Elder/Administrative Pastor

David is a man of many talents. He is married to Joella and has 3 young children. He works as an IT Specialist at Altec in St. Joseph, he is a member of the Air National Guard, working part time at the local base and he owns multiple investment properties. David is a busy guy […]

Evan Ross

Associate Teaching Pastor

Evan Ross

Evan would describe himself as, “A bit of a geek,” and you need these guys around. Evan is passionate about theology and when he isn’t geeking out reading books (containing words normal people can’t pronounce) he is teaching others about all of this stuff to help equip them and help them understand what the gospel […]

Parker Marks

Youth Leader

Parker Marks

Parker has been our Youth Leader since 2013, and came on as part time staff in early 2014. Parker is married to Abi, and they have one daughter together. Parker has a passion for the Holy Spirit and for evangelism, as well as serving youth. He is also our resident ninja.

Tyler Saxton

Worship Director

Tyler has been married to his wife Michele since 2014. They have one daughter, Adelaide. As a worship director Tyler serves by leading the bands and casting vision for corporate worship at Living Hope. Tyler and Michele lead a Community Group in their home on Thursday Nights.